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Student Medical Insurance January 21, 2011

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Student Medical Insurance

EdCC international students are required to have medical insurance at all times while in the United States.

  • EdCC Student Medical Insurance Plan:
    • EdCC offers a student medical insurance plan through the Lewer Agency.
    • Information about the insurance plan, including plan benefits, is conveniently available on the Lewer Website:
    • Click HERE for a summary of the plan.
    • Contact Lewer: 1-800-821-7715
    • Join Lewer on Facebook!
    • Edmonds LewerMark Insurance Personalized Homepage:
  • All students must either buy the school’s health insurance with Lewer, or show proof of their own insurance. If you choose to buy your own insurance, you must show a copy of your insurance information to ISS by Friday January 28 (for Winter Quarter 2011).


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