Intensive ESL Students – Important Dates & Information

Intensive ESL Students –  Important Dates & Information

*Information for currently enrolled IESL students*

Winter Quarter Exam Week (No early final exams)

  • Last day of regular class schedule: Monday, March 14
  • IESL Exams : Tuesday, March 15 – Thursday AM, March 17(ask your teachers about any schedule changes)

*** IESL Celebration + Level 5 Graduation (Free!  Fun!)***:

Thursday, March 17   12:00 pm in the Blackbox Theater!

  • Meet with teachers to check exam results (optional)     Friday, March 18  (morning)

Spring Break for Intensive ESL Students (no school) Saturday, March 19 – Monday, April 4

Spring Quarter Dates:    Tuesday, April 5 – Friday, June 17th

  • **We expect you to be here on time for registration and the first day of class.**
  • Registration: Tuesday, April 5 in WWY 202,   10:00 AM Levels  1 –  3    /    1:00 PM  Levels 4 – 5
  • First day of classes:    Wednesday, April 6
  • Teachers will mark you absent if you are not in classes on April 6. (Remember:  Absences will lower your grade.)
  • IMPORTANT: You MUST be registered and attending classes by Wednesday, April 13 at the very latest, or you may not be able to attend school spring quarter. If you have a special reason you cannot be back before April 5, talk to an ISS advisor as soon as possible.

Looking Ahead:

  • IESL Summer Quarter Dates:  Tuesday, July 6 –Thursday, August 24
  • IESL Fall Quarter Dates:  Wednesday, September 21 – Friday, December 9

Spring Quarter 2011 Registration

Plan your Spring Quarter 2011 class schedule TODAY!

Most continuing college level students will be able to register for classes during during OPEN ENROLLMENT, starting March 2nd. If you are a continuing student, you may be able to register earlier. Log in online to look up your registration time.

When choosing your classes, remember these important tips and special reminders for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:

  • International students must take at least 12 credits to stay in good immigration status.
  • International students must take at least 7 credits in class or hybrid.
  • If  Spring Quarter 2011 is your final quarter, remember to apply for graduation

Come to ISS to complete a Status Report form and /or see an advisor if you plan to study part time (take less than 12 credits). You need approval to study part time (or not study for one quarter) for the following reasons:

  • Graduation quarter. If you need less than 12 credits to graduate. Remember, you cannot take all online classes during your final quarter.
  • Vacation Quarter. If you have studied at least 3 quarters, and you plan to study full time during summer, you may be eligible for a vacation quarter.
  • Going home for one quarter. If you plan to go home for one quarter, please see ISS to complete a Status Report form and submit a copy of your plane ticket.


  • Come to ISS if you have questions about registration.
  • Academic and Faculty advisors in Enrollment Services can also help you plan your classes.
  • Transferring to a university? Come to ISS to make an appointment with Mandy Mino-Cuasay.
  • High school students must meet with a high school advisor in MUK 403 to plan your classes.



International Student Services offers the following scholarships to new and continuing international students:

Scholarships are competitive! Ways you can improve your chances of getting a scholarship include:

  • Maintain a good grade point average
  • Participate in clubs and activities
  • Volunteer on campus and in the community

See the EdCC website for details, including eligibility and application requirements:

Internal Application Meetings Winter 2011 – IESL to College or HS

Attention Level 5 IESL students:

Do you plan to start college or high school spring quarter? You must attend two Internal Application Meetings.

Internal applicants are current level 5 Intensive English (IESL) students completing one or more  IESL section (Reading 5, Writing 5, Grammar 5 or Speaking / Listening 5) , and starting  College or International High School Completion Spring Quarter 2011. Two meetings are scheduled for Winter Quarter; all level 5 IESL students must attend both meetings.

1.    Internal Application Meeting #1: Information and Placement Tests

Date: Thursday, February 3rd /Time: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM/ Location: Mountlake Terrace, Room 205 (MLT 205)

MAKE-UP INTERNAL APPLICATION MEETING: Date: Friday, Feb 11th / Time: 1 pm – 2PM / Location: Snoqualmie Hall (SQL), Room 213

*If you missed both of the meetings above, please come to ISS for an information packet and to pick up your test tickets.*

Description: In the first Internal Application meeting ISS advisors will provide students with important immigration and academic information about College and International High School Completion programs. Students will also receive permissions tickets to take required English and math placement tests.

2.    Internal Application Meeting #2: Registration

Date: Thursday, March 3rd

Time: 4:00PM – 6PM

Location: Mountlake Terrace, Room 210 (MLT 210)

Attention students: Remember to take your placement tests and bring the results to the 2nd meeting!

Description: In the second Internal Application meeting students will receive important academic advising information, including information about English and math placement results, how to register for college classes, College / International High School Completion advising resources, information about program planning sheets and university transfer.

Questions? Please contact ISS.