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Intensive ESL Students – Important Dates & Information February 28, 2011

Intensive ESL Students –  Important Dates & Information

*Information for currently enrolled IESL students*

Winter Quarter Exam Week (No early final exams)

  • Last day of regular class schedule: Monday, March 14
  • IESL Exams : Tuesday, March 15 – Thursday AM, March 17(ask your teachers about any schedule changes)

*** IESL Celebration + Level 5 Graduation (Free!  Fun!)***:

Thursday, March 17   12:00 pm in the Blackbox Theater!

  • Meet with teachers to check exam results (optional)     Friday, March 18  (morning)

Spring Break for Intensive ESL Students (no school) Saturday, March 19 – Monday, April 4

Spring Quarter Dates:    Tuesday, April 5 – Friday, June 17th

  • **We expect you to be here on time for registration and the first day of class.**
  • Registration: Tuesday, April 5 in WWY 202,   10:00 AM Levels  1 –  3    /    1:00 PM  Levels 4 – 5
  • First day of classes:    Wednesday, April 6
  • Teachers will mark you absent if you are not in classes on April 6. (Remember:  Absences will lower your grade.)
  • IMPORTANT: You MUST be registered and attending classes by Wednesday, April 13 at the very latest, or you may not be able to attend school spring quarter. If you have a special reason you cannot be back before April 5, talk to an ISS advisor as soon as possible.

Looking Ahead:

  • IESL Summer Quarter Dates:  Tuesday, July 6 –Thursday, August 24
  • IESL Fall Quarter Dates:  Wednesday, September 21 – Friday, December 9

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