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New info for spring quarter: How to get your bus pass April 1, 2011

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New info for spring quarter:How to get your bus pass.

To ride Community Transit buses, you now need an EdPass/ORCA card (college I.D. plus bus pass). Get your card early to avoid long lines.

$10 one-time fee for the EdPass/ORCA card
$15 quarterly bus pass

Get it in three easy steps:
1. Register for “ORCC,” (any of the sections — it doesn’t matter which ORC1, 2, 3, or 4) the bus pass class, along with your other classes.
2. Pay for your classes (and bus pass) online or at the Cashier’s Office in Lynnwood Hall.
3. Get your new EdPass/ORCA card at the bookstore. Bring your old EdPass, if you’ve got one. Your balance will be transferred to your new card.

Find out more:

Phone: 425.640.1143
Web: Edmonds Community College EdPass | Resigter for the ORCA bus pass (in the spring class schedule, any section)

Source: Edmonds Community College News

ISS Advisors in the ISS North Duplex office are happy to help answer questions about the new bus pass.

*IMPORTANT: If you have paid your tuition and fees through a company (agency) in your home country, please see Martha Acosta-Pieters in the ISS South Duplex if you have questions about tuition, payments and fees, including the bus pass.*


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