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Summer and Early Fall Class Schedule Available Online! May 4, 2011

Summer and Early Fall Class Schedule Available Online!

Start planning your summer and fall schedules TODAY!

Registration reminders for college students:

# 1) Plan ahead! Make an appointment with an advisor NOW!

  • If you need to see an Academic Advisor in Enrollment Services, a Faculty Advisor, a High School or ISS Advisor to plan your class schedule, be sure to plan ahead and make an early appointment. You can make an appointment now, and plan your schedule before registration opens!
  • Remember that if you wait until the last minute to see an advisor, you may have to wait to get an appointment, delaying your registration.
  • Also, ISS advisors are not available for individual advising appointments during orientation week (week before the quarter starts) and the first week of the quarter.

#2)  Fall Quarter: Register for 12 or more credits, 7 credits in class/hybrid

  • To maintain your F-1 immigration status you must take at least 12 credits every quarter (FALL, WINTER and SPRING).
  • At least 7 credits must be in class or hybrid! Also, it is not okay to take all online classes during your graduation quarter.

#3) Summer Quarter = VACATION for college/HS students (not IESL)

  • Summer quarter is  a vacation quarter for college and high school students. It is okay to study part time, or not take any classes during the summer and you can stay in the US.  You do NOT need to inform ISS of your plans to take a vacation quarter if you are in college or high school. IESL students must study summer quarter (see below).
  • If you already took a vacation quarter in the US fall 2010, winter or spring 2011, then you must study full time (12 credits) during summer quarter.
  • Attention IESL students: summer quarter is NOT a vacation quarter. IESL students must study during the summer quarter.
  • See an ISS advisor if you have questions about vacation quarters.

May 24th: Registration begins for summer and fall!



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