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Edmonds Community College

Internal Application: IESL to College or HS Summer & Fall 2011 May 10, 2011

 Internal Application:

IESL to College or High School

Summer and Fall 2011

For current IESL students finishing one or more level 5 class Spring Quarter and starting college or high school Summer or Fall Quarter.

Internal Application Meeting #2: College Registration

All level 5 students starting college summer or fall quarter are required to attend this meeting (even if you are taking a vacation during summer). You must attend this meeting in order to register for classes.

Date: Thursday, May 26

Time: 4:00PM – 6PM

Location: Alderwood Hall 105 (ALD 105)

College students:  This meeting is for students completing one or more level 5 IESL class, planning to start COLLEGE during the summer or fall 2011 quarter. In the second Internal Application meeting students will receive important academic advising information, including information about English and math placement results, how to register for college classes, program planning sheets and university transfer. Students will be able to plan their schedules for summer and fall schedules during this meeting. If you have questions about this meeting please come to ISS or send an email to:

 High School Advising:

High school students  are not required to attend the Internal Application Meeting # 2 (above). To register for classes, you must take your test results and go to MUK 403 to ask for an appointment with an International High School Advisor. You must bring your HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS (records) to your appointment. High school advisors cannot plan your classes without your transcripts. You should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your advising appointment. If you have questions about the International High School program, please send an e-mail to: The International High School team looks forward to meeting you!

Remember to take your placement tests and bring the results to the college registration meeting or high school advising appointment!

If you do not have your math or English placement test ticket, please come to ISS to see an advisor.

Questions? Please contact ISS.


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