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Important Update on Health Insurance Requirements May 26, 2011

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Important Update:

Health Insurance Requirements

Starting Fall Quarter 2011, ALL Edmonds Community College, F-1 visa students will be required to buy health insurance through the school (an Edmonds Community College-contracted insurance plan through the Lewer Agency).  Students will also have to buy insurance while on a vacation quarter.

Students will pay the insurance charge of $192 when they pay for tuition.

Why do I have to buy Health Insurance?

 The cost of health care is very high in the United States because the government does not provide a nationalized health care plan.  Washington state laws and Edmonds Community College require international students to have adequate health insurance coverage.

The school-contracted plan through the Lewer Agency will make sure that all our international students have the same high coverage and that doctors will accept their insurance.

Information about the Lewer Health Insurance Plan:

Here is some basic information about the insurance plan.  For more detailed information, please click here.

Cost per quarter (starting 9/2011)

  • Student:$192
  • Student & Spouse: $825
  • Per Child:  $192

It is NOT required to buy the school’s health insurance for your spouse and children.  The information above is for your reference only.

Coverage Period (When you have insurance)

  • Fall 2011                     9/20/2011 – 1/3/2012
  • Winter 2012:               1/3/2012 – 4/2/2012
  • Spring 2012:                4/2/2012 – the first day of Summer Quarter 2012


  • Maximum per accident or sickness coverage: $250,000
  • Medical evacuation: $50,000
  • 50% off prescription drugs
  • Mental nervous/substance abuse
  • Call and talk to a nurse for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Assist America emergency medical arrangements near school or while traveling

For a complete list of benefits, click here.

*The school insurance does NOT include dental and vision.  You can add on a dental and vision plan for $25 per year.  Learn more here.


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