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“I am going home for summer quarter, so why should I buy health insurance?”

QUESTION: It’s summer quarter, and many of you are going back to your home country on vacation. Then why do we recommend that you still buy the school’s health insurance?

ANSWERS: #1) Because you must have health insurance at ALL times while you are in the US. If you go home for part of the summer, you will still spend some time in the US before you go and after you return. You need insurance for those days!

 #2) Another reason you need to keep your insurance is because of the preexisting condition exclusion in the health insurance policy. What’s that? A preexisting condition is a health issue that existed before. In some cases when you go to a doctor to treat a health issue that existed before, the insurance may not pay the doctor’s bill unless you wait for a period of time (for example 3 months).

Example of how preexisting conditions work with your school insurance:

  •  Spring Quarter  (April , May, June) = you have the school insurance.
  • Summer Quarter (June , July, August) you go home and you do not have insurance. Then while home, you get sick and so you go see a doctor for sickness “XXX” (for example, allergies, a broken toe, etc).
  • Fall Quarter (September, October, November) you return to EdCC and you buy insurance again.  Then you get sickness “XXX” again! So, you go to see a doctor here. This time it is a “preexisting condition,” so the insurance will not pay for it for 3 months – you have to pay for it yourself!

QUESTION: How do I avoid paying extra money because of preexisting conditions?

ANSWER: Buy insurance for Summer Quarter, even if you go home!

Health Insurance can save you a LOT of money!

Health care costs a lot of money in the United States. Here are examples of hospital costs without insurance:

• Chest X-Ray: $385

• Emergency Room Visit: $1,254

• Total bill for common appendix operation: $4,123

These are just some examples, real costs may be different depending on the situation.

If you have questions about health insurance or if you need help buying insurance for Summer Quarter 2011, please contact ISS! Thank you!


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