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EdPass/ORCA Card: RIDE THE BUS July 7, 2011

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You need an EdPass/ORCA Card (college I.D. plus bus pass) to ride the Community Transit bus with the student discount. Here is information about how to get your EdPass/ORCA Card and buy the quarterly bus pass:

You can buy the EdPass/ ORCA Card and/or add the quarterly pass when you register online, or by using an Add/Drop registration form.

1)  If you need to get the EdPass /ORCA Card plus the quarterly bus pass, add “ORCC 900” to your schedule (just like adding a class) and register for item number: ORC1, ORC2, ORC3, or ORC4. You may pick up your new EdPass/ORCA card at the college store two business days after paying your tuition and fees.

2) If you already have an EdPass/ORCA Card and you only need to buy the quarterly bus pass, add: “ORCA 900” to your schedule (just like adding a class) and register for item number QBP1, QBP2, QBP3, or QBP4.

Additional bus information:

* COST: students pay $25 for their first EdPass/ORCA card, and $15 per quarter after that for the quarterly pass.

* To find answers to frequently asked questions about the EdPass/ORCA Card, click HERE.

* Community Transit WEBSITE with information about the EdPass /ORCA Card:

Questions? Call 425.640.1143.


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