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Parking on campus October 4, 2011

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Parking on campus

Where can students park?

Students can park in any lot except staff, visitor or carpool lots.

Students must park in student-designated spots. Please follow the signs to know where you can park. Parking tickets will be given for cars parked in the wrong lots.

You need a parking sticker showing inside your car window to park on campus.

You can get your parking sticker in these locations:

  • Office of Student Life (OSL)
  • Cashiers Office
  • Bookstore
  • Security Office 
  • Snoqualmie (SQL), room  105

Stickers will be required starting Winter Quarter 2012.

You must bring your current Ed Pass to pick up your sticker.

Stickers must be displayed on the driver’s side, front window.

Click to see the parking_map

More information about parking, and alternatives to driving:


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