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Edmonds Community College

Important Health Insurance Information November 9, 2011

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When: Thursday, November 17th

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Where: Snoqualmie Hall 307 (SQL 307)

What: Monica Olson from the Lewer Agency will come to tell you about your new health insurance.

You can win PRIZES!

Next quarter, everyone must buy health insurance through the school for $192 per quarter.

Come to this important health insurance information session to learn about the school health insurance.

Your questions will be answered!

  • Will the insurance pay for everything?
  • How do I see a doctor? Which doctor should I see?
  • What if I get a hospital bill?
  • Will the insurance work during the break?
  • Will it work when I’m in another country?
  • How do I use health insurance?

There are many important things you need to know. Don’t miss this chance!

You could save hundreds of dollars in hospital bills.

There will be snacks, drinks and PRIZES!


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