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Edmonds Community College

Health Insurance for Winter 2012 November 30, 2011

Health Insurance for Winter 2012

Good news! You do not have to come to the ISS office to add your health insurance. The insurance fee of $192 is automatically added when you register for classes for winter quarter. This is only true for students with an SID 958 and with an F1 visa status.

How much? $192 per quarter

Get your insurance card! Are you new to the health insurance offered through school? You need a health insurance card to prove that you have insurance. Come to the ISS office to get your insurance card. Carry this card in your wallet at all times. When you see a doctor, show them the card.

 Information about the health insurance plan on the LewerMark website:

 More questions? Call: 425-640-1518 / E-mail:

 Questions about coverage, call Lewer Agency: 1-800-821-7715


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