International Student Services (ISS) NEWS

Edmonds Community College

Winter Quarter 2012 Scholarships December 6, 2011

Accepting Scholarship Applications

12/16/2011 – 1/13/2012



Phone:  425-640-1708

Fax:  425-774-0455

Information on the website and to download an application:

Available scholarships:


Please do not turn in an application until after 12/16/2011.     If you are a continuing student, you must include your Fall 2011 grades in your transcripts.  (1) Download the application; (2) carefully read the requirements on page 1; (3) fill out the application on page 2; (4) attach your unofficial transcripts and Winter 2012 schedule; (5) fax, hand in your application to ISS; or you can scan and email the documents to:

*The Edmonds CC Scholarship Committee is made up of three college staff members, who have kindly volunteered their time to review scholarship applications. The committee will change members every quarter. The ISS office will facilitate all communication in order to preserve the anonymity of the committee. 


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