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Edmonds Community College

Spring 2012: Travel During Break and Registration Reminders February 28, 2012

Planning to travel during the spring break?

If you will travel home during the break, please plan ahead and come to ISS in order to have your current I-20, Visa, Passport and I-94 cards checked at least two (2) weeks before your travel date.

If you already have an appointment scheduled to see an advisor be sure to bring your I-20, Visa, Passport and I-94 card with you and the advisor you are meeting with will be more than happy to check and sign it at that time.

Or, you may come in during our DROP IN HOURS:

If you are planning to take less than 12 credits for Spring Quarter 2012 because you are graduating or wish to request a vacation quarter, please be sure to come in to ISS and fill out a Student Status Report  or make an appointment with an advisor to talk about your options to make sure you maintain good immigration status.

REGISTRATION REMINDER: Please  use this time prior to the quarter ending to register for Spring Quarter 2012 classes. If you need assistance or have questions come in NOW to schedule an appointment.  If  you have a short question (5 minutes) you may also come in during the drop in times  above.

High school students must see a high school advisor in Mukilteo Hall to register for Spring 2012.

IESL Students must attend registration on Tuesday, April 3rd, (WDY 202, Levels 1-3 10:00; Levels at 4-5 at 1PM). IESL Classes Begin: Wednesday, April 4. See an advisor if you have questions.

ADVISOR AVAILABILITY DURING THE BREAK:  Advisors will have very limited time available for current students during the week of March 26th due to our Welcome Orientation Week for the incoming new students and again the week of April 2nd due to the first week of the quarter.  So, CURRENT students please plan ahead and use this time now to get assistance if you need it.

Thank you for your cooperation and good luck on your upcoming finals!


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