International Student Services (ISS) NEWS

Edmonds Community College

*NEW* Online Forms for International Students! August 3, 2012


New ONLINE Forms for Students:

Dear Students,

The ISS office is offering a new, easier way for you to make a letter request, or to update your address, email or phone number! Now you can use the online Address Change form Letter Request form, or the  Invitation Letter Request form. These forms are for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS  who are currently enrolled, on OPT or alumni of Edmonds Community College.

To use the forms, simply click on the Address Change form online,  Letter Request form, or the Invitation Letter Request form, then fill out the information and click “submit”. If you submit an address change form then the ISS office will receive your new information and update your school record as well as SEVIS. For letter requests, after you submit the form we will receive your request and then contact you when the letter is ready (within 1 to 2 weeks).

Please keep in mind that US immigration requires students to update their address with the school within 10 days of moving.

Also, please plan ahead and submit your letter request at least two weeks before your travel plans.  Letters are typically ready in 1-2 weeks, so it is always a good idea to submit your request early.

The online forms can also be found on the EdCC website under “Current Students” and under “ISS forms” (top, right side of page) on the ISS News blog home page.

If you  have any questions, please visit the ISS office, call (425) 640-1518 or email Thank you!


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