International Student Services (ISS) NEWS

Edmonds Community College

Full Time (12CR) Requirement and Online Class Limit Reminder September 26, 2013

Dear College Students,

Happy fall quarter! ISS would like to remind you that in order to maintain your F-1 immigration status you must study full time every quarter.


  • Minimum 7 credits in class/hybrid

Only 1 class (maximum 5 credits) may count toward the full time requirement. This means you must take at least 7 credits in class / hybrid. Also, it is not okay to take all online classes during your graduation quarter.

Please do not wait to contact an advisor if you have any questions about the full time requirement or online class restriction. If you do not meet the above requirements and you need to add additional classes you must do so as soon as possible. Class space is limited, and many classes are now full. Online registration is no longer open for most classes, but you may be able to add a class with instructor permission or add classes / credits that allow late registration. Remember that it is your responsibility to register full time and maintain your immigration status. ISS Advisors are available to assist you!

ISS Drop-in Advising Hours: 9:30-10:30am (except Wed), and 3:30-4:30pm M-F

ISS Advising Appointments: (425) 640-1518


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