Health Insurance for Students on Vacation Summer 2014

Dear EdCC International Students,

If you are currently taking a vacation quarter for summer quarter 2014 and if you are not registered for any classes, please note that you must contact the ISS office to purchase insurance in order to keep your health coverage through the summer.

ISS strongly encourages all students to purchase insurance during vacation quarters.

To add insurance for summer, the process is simple:

  • Visit the ISS office
  • Ask about adding insurance for summer quarter
  • An ISS staff member will help you to add the insurance to your school account.
  • Once the insurance charge is added, you may make your payment at the Cashier’s Office for the $201 insurance fee.
  • The DEADLINE to add insurance and pay the $201 fee is JULY 30th


Question: Why do you need health insurance during the summer?

Answer: Health insurance can save you a lot of money! Health care is VERY expensive in the United States. For example, one trip to the emergency room can cost over $1,000.00. With student health insurance, an emergency room visit can cost you as little as $50, the plan will cover the rest of your bill.

For a complete list of benefits, answers to frequently asked questions, help finding a doctor and more information, please visit the Lewer Insurance website for EdCC students:

If you have questions please visit the ISS office. Thank you!