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Donate Food for Kids in the ISS Office! October 21, 2016

Dear Students,

Do you want to help local school children who need food to eat? The campus is holding a food drive for local school children though the Foundation for Edmonds School District Nourishing Network. Different offices on campus will have boxes to drop off donations. Donations will be given to children to take home to have food to eat over the weekend. ISS will have a box in our lobby. Here are the types of foods you can donate:

Single-serve fruit cups, single mac and cheese cups, cup of noodles, juice boxes, shelf-stable milk and small boxes of cereal, peanut butter crackers, nuts, and other snack foods. (SEE PICTURES BELOW)

Please do not donate fresh produce or items that need to be refrigerated.  Only food that can be easily stored on a shelf!

Here’s some more info about the food drive if you are interested: or go to the Nourishing Network website at

Donation boxes will be in the ISS office until 11/18. 

Feel free to contact Stacey Cantave at  if you have questions. food