Culture Talk: Pakistan ~ Free Event!

International Culture Talk: Pakistan!

Thursday, March 1st 2018

12:30 – 1:20pm

Snohomish 338

International Culture Talks aim at breaking down cultural knowledge gaps, personalizing insight into what it means to live and study in a foreign country, and removing barriers to connecting with people of different cultures on campus.

Our remarkably articulate student speaker, Sadia Eijaz, has much to share about fielding day-to-day questions on her ethnicity, race and religion, what it means to her to be a global citizen, and how her new skills apply to her professional and personal future. 

Her family members will be preparing authentic Pakistani (free) food for this event. 🙂

Many teachers are offering extra credit, we will contact you with which students who attended (including SID’s) immediately after the event.

To sign-up for this event, fill out a very brief Google Form including EID/SID #.