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ISS Online Forms: Letter Requests, Vacations, Going Home April 23, 2013


Address Change Form for International Students

Invitation Letter Request Form: Support letters for your visitors to the US.

Letter Request Form:

  • Confirmation
  • Canada Visa
  • Visa Renewal
  • WA ID / Driver’s License (Note: If you already have a US Social Security Number, you do not need a letter from ISS)
  • OPT-SSN# *Must have OPT approval and give ISS a copy of EAD card.
  • SSN for on-campus job *Must submit job offer letter to ISS for processing.

Student Status Report Form

  • IESL Student: vacation request or going home (all quarters including summer)
    • Vacation in the U.S. (any quarter)
    • Going home for one quarter (any quarter)
    • Going home for more than one quarter
  • College and High School students:
    • Going Home (College and HS) Fall, Winter or Spring
    • Graduating
    • Concurrent Enrollment (College only)


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Thank you for using the ISS online forms!



*NEW* Online Forms for International Students! August 3, 2012


New ONLINE Forms for Students:

Dear Students,

The ISS office is offering a new, easier way for you to make a letter request, or to update your address, email or phone number! Now you can use the online Address Change form Letter Request form, or the  Invitation Letter Request form. These forms are for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS  who are currently enrolled, on OPT or alumni of Edmonds Community College.

To use the forms, simply click on the Address Change form online,  Letter Request form, or the Invitation Letter Request form, then fill out the information and click “submit”. If you submit an address change form then the ISS office will receive your new information and update your school record as well as SEVIS. For letter requests, after you submit the form we will receive your request and then contact you when the letter is ready (within 1 to 2 weeks).

Please keep in mind that US immigration requires students to update their address with the school within 10 days of moving.

Also, please plan ahead and submit your letter request at least two weeks before your travel plans.  Letters are typically ready in 1-2 weeks, so it is always a good idea to submit your request early.

The online forms can also be found on the EdCC website under “Current Students” and under “ISS forms” (top, right side of page) on the ISS News blog home page.

If you  have any questions, please visit the ISS office, call (425) 640-1518 or email Thank you!


Summer Travel Reminders and I-20 Signatures June 4, 2012

Summer Travel Reminders

Are you planning to travel this summer?

Remember to come to the ISS office for a signature on page 3 of your I-20 (bring your passport when you visit ISS). If you need to renew your visa while home you may request a visa renewal support letter.

Visit ISS now! To avoid waiting in line at the end of the quarter, do not wait to visit ISS for a travel signature or to request a visa renewal support letter. Letter requests take up to one week to process.

The ISS office is open 9AM to 5PM Monday – Friday. To make an appointment, please stop by the ISS office or call (425) 640-1518. Please bring your I-20 and passport if you are coming to see an ISS advisor for an appointment, and you need a signature for travel.

NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY to ask for a travel signature on your I-20. You can come to ISS during the drop-in advising times.  Drop-in advising: 9:30AM – 10:30AM (except Wed) and 3:30PM – 4:30PM M-F.


Spring 2012: Travel During Break and Registration Reminders February 28, 2012

Planning to travel during the spring break?

If you will travel home during the break, please plan ahead and come to ISS in order to have your current I-20, Visa, Passport and I-94 cards checked at least two (2) weeks before your travel date.

If you already have an appointment scheduled to see an advisor be sure to bring your I-20, Visa, Passport and I-94 card with you and the advisor you are meeting with will be more than happy to check and sign it at that time.

Or, you may come in during our DROP IN HOURS:

If you are planning to take less than 12 credits for Spring Quarter 2012 because you are graduating or wish to request a vacation quarter, please be sure to come in to ISS and fill out a Student Status Report  or make an appointment with an advisor to talk about your options to make sure you maintain good immigration status.

REGISTRATION REMINDER: Please  use this time prior to the quarter ending to register for Spring Quarter 2012 classes. If you need assistance or have questions come in NOW to schedule an appointment.  If  you have a short question (5 minutes) you may also come in during the drop in times  above.

High school students must see a high school advisor in Mukilteo Hall to register for Spring 2012.

IESL Students must attend registration on Tuesday, April 3rd, (WDY 202, Levels 1-3 10:00; Levels at 4-5 at 1PM). IESL Classes Begin: Wednesday, April 4. See an advisor if you have questions.

ADVISOR AVAILABILITY DURING THE BREAK:  Advisors will have very limited time available for current students during the week of March 26th due to our Welcome Orientation Week for the incoming new students and again the week of April 2nd due to the first week of the quarter.  So, CURRENT students please plan ahead and use this time now to get assistance if you need it.

Thank you for your cooperation and good luck on your upcoming finals!


Travel Reminders November 21, 2011


Visit the ISS Office Before You Travel

  • Are you traveling home for the Winter break, or planning to visit Canada during the Thanksgiving Holiday? You need a valid travel signature on your I-20 in order to return to the United States.

Come to ISS Now to Get a Signature on Your I-20!

  • To avoid long lines in the ISS office at the end of the quarter,  come to ISS now to get your travel signature.
  • Please bring your current I-20 and passport when you come to ISS.
  • Renewing your visa? Please allow at least 1 week for a visa renewal support letter.


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