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Tax Workshop for International Students March 1, 2017



Income Tax Workshop for International Students March 22, 2016

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Do you have a job on campus or are you doing OPT?

Did you earn money in the U.S. in 2015?

If you earned money in 2015, you must FILE YOUR INCOME TAXES by the April 18th deadline!

Income Tax Workshop for International Students

indexTuesday, April 12th
3:30 – 5:00

Lynnwood Hall Room 303

Please bring your PASSPORT, VISA and all W-2 Forms you received from your employers to this workshop.

The Income Tax Workshop will start on time at 3:30!  Please don’t be late!

Questions?  Please come to ISS.


Tax Support Sessions for International Students February 23, 2016

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Tax session


Tax Support Sessions for Students Working on Campus or OPT February 20, 2015

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Tax Support Sessions for

International Students

Working on Campus or OPT

Tuesday, March 3


LYN 303


Wednesday, March 11


ALD 101

Please bring these items:

  • Social Security Card
  • Passport
  • W-2(s) – received from your employer
  • Your bank account information (routing number / account number)
  • Flash (USB) drive

It will be important to know how many days you were present in the U.S. in the year 2014, 2013, and 2012 so please try to calculate the number of days before you come to the session.


Free Tax Preparation for International Students February 6, 2014

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Free Tax Preparation for International Students!

Did you work on campus or off-campus on OPT (Optional Practical Training) last year? If so, you are required to file a tax return form with the Internal Revenue Service.


  • March 7th (Friday), 2pm -5:30pm
  • March 14th (Friday), 2pm -5:30pm

Where? Mountlake Terrace Hall 212

What to bring?

  • A copy of last year’s tax return (if available)
  • Passport
  • I-20
  • Social Security cards (for all family members)
  • W-2 forms
  • Completed Nonresident Alien Intake and Interview Sheet. Intake forms are also available in the ISS office.

What can you expect?

  • Have your taxes prepared by tax specialists
  • Get your general questions answered about tax returns

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Mathews at:


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